League Dates:

April 15
May 13
June 11
July 23
August 13
September 10
October 15
November 26
December 3

All league dates start at 8am, please arrive a few minutes early so we can draw shooting order etc. 

Our Defensive Shooting League is designed to give shooters an opportunity to test their skills and better themselves. 
We set up scenarios that test the mental and physical abilities of shooters. 
All drills are shot blind, meaning no walk throughs or prior knowledge to the shooters
All drills are shot on a timer
Penalties are given for missed shots, injured friendlies, etc
Shooters top 5 Scores are added up at the end of the year

2017 League prizes are

1st  $600 Gift Certificate for a Glock or similiar
2nd $100 Gift Certificate and a Certificate for a free Slide Duracoat from Top Quality Finish TQFinc.com
3rd  $100 Gift Certificate 

Other Prizes being added, based upon participation and additional sponsors
Prizes subject to availability and may be substituted