Rifle 1


Learn to Fight with a rifle
This class is geared towards a magazine fed rifle such as a AK or AR. Other styles may also be acceptable

Some of the topics we will cover

Basic Marksmanship fundamentals
Functions and Manipulations of the AK and AR rifles
Malfunction clearances
Armed Movement
Weapon Transitions
Limitations and advantages of a Rifle
Shooting positions

Please bring a Zero'd rifle to class. we will check zero, but we will not have time to zero everyones rifles at class. if you need help with this contact us ahead of time

Gear requirements

Properly Zero'd magazine fed rifle
at least 5 magazines
Sling for your rifle
3 pistol mags

500 rds of rifle ammo
200 rds of pistol ammo

Eye and Ear protection

Knee and Elbow pads (optional)

Please Specify What Dates when you order

The following dates are currently available

March 18th

June 10th

November 19th